If you’re doing kind things out of kindness: awesome

If you’re only doing nice things to get something back like a medal or prize for doing something nice: stop wasting your time.

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Sooo. the question is: What should people 2Am in the morning?

People should 2AM in the morning what they do want be

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It should just be an absolute legal right to silence anyone making hate speech.

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I’ve never in my entire life had to deal with racial aggression first-hand.

I’ve been leered at and resented, but never actually outright hated.

I’m not too excited about this new experience.

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Apparently, the Westboro Baptist Churge receives money from their congregation, the fact that they’re a religious organization makes them tax-exempt, and they also make plenty of money from lawsuits.

So if someone was to go around punching them out, it’d just get them more money because they’d take legal action. What a load of fucking garbage.

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About the Westboro Baptist Church thing: How the hell did they get enough money to send people from there to Alaska? Like, legit, that would be expensive like crazy. Couldn't they go somewhere where their help is a bit more... *pfft* I said "help". But yeah, why target Alaska?

So my friend is playing LoL

He got Shen with Two Dildos and Lollipoppy. Sounds like he got some great skins.

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they better stay the fuck away from here
I’m hoping that they do. I think that anybody in any way associated with that organization should be banned from every airline. They should just be banned from ever leaving their building, honestly—the world doesn’t need whatever they have to give.

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they’re still at it? welp they’re only going to just get more people to hate them and honestly, it’s only a matter of time before they finally do something that’s over the line or several people snap because that’s just westboro

I have no tolerance for atrocities like theirs. I don’t even care what reasoning they have for coming here, places like the NHC and other cultural locales stand to support and preserve the culture of Alaska’s native races. Horrible people that treated us as less than human are the reason why so many of our cultures are dying out in the first place, all that they’re going to accomplish by doing this is sending us back a few steps. Again.

Due to a lot of our histories (which I won’t delve into right now for the sake of brevity), a majority of us Alaskan Native people really don’t like white people because they associate their bad history with the entire race instead of just the people that victimized them—I can only see something like this adding to the noise, and it’s already pretty loud.

haha what the fuck

I’m hearing that Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Anchorage to picket the Native Heritage Center.

So…yes. If it’s true, that means that they’re gonna be delivering fresh hate speech made especially for people like me. Life is fantastic.

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where’s the damn “DTR!” gif when you need it

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Asian male apology game = tight.

laughed so fuckin hard at the fuckin breakdancer


It was a matter of time


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I hope this isn't too forward, but damn you are a looker.

Pffffffff thanks x3

I cut my hair and trimmed my stupid beard up a bit so


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