Drew this after beating both Bomberman 64 and The Second Attack.

Ahh… Nostalgia~

Defs Tori. You'd love it, its like Cali but not hell on earth hot. And no smog. And like... Pretty.

I’ll probably be trying to go to Oregon, Washington, and Cali in at least some point in my life, so we’ll see~

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when will u love me back


Come to Washington! We're not to far! Also Seattle! And like... Warm rain and beautiful green and stuff it's nice!

I might end up visiting that state sometime eventually, actually.

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You really are totes adorableableable and <3

pfff <3

oh look, a cute! I'mma flirt with him! flirt flirt flirt <3 but seriously you're cute and I would love to hang out with you if I lived closer to you.

too bad I’m so far away from everyone

shoutouts to Alaska for being lame

side note you are a qt

side note you are a cake

lick icing off my ass

damn girl that’s one thick cake

Are you still watching five nights a Freddy's stuff? I watched on video and that was enough spook for a life time ;w;

Nope, I’m mostly done with them. Mark did a full playthrough of the whole thing, that was just about enough for me.

Though I might go read up on the wiki for it to see some of the lore.

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THANK ; w ;

You are so cute it should be against the law to be as cute as you <3

cuff me, officer u v u


Twitter sketches~

I hope you know what to expect
12,508 plays


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He released the 6th and 7th nights of FNAF

I…don’t know if I can watch this alone.

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