what’s the cheapest meat?

deer balls

because they’re under a buck





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you know what, I just wanna draw gift art for these new cutie friends of mine. Put smiles on their adorable lil’ faces, get some blush in those cheeks.

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iscone replied to your post:Play with me?

did you mean: new main?

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» Play with me?

So tomorrow Super Smash Flash 2 is gonna have online capabilities. Lemme tell ya, this game was one that I vastly underestimated; it had its humble beginnings, but now it’s about as close to a browser and sprite-based recreation of Smash Bros as we can get.

It plays about the same as Smash 4 looks like it plays—Brawl mechanics, but faster pacing, and a decent system set in place for combos.

Yeeeeah, it has characters I cringe at like Goku, Ichigo and Naruto, but they’re still very well-implemented, they’re not just there to be there.

I just love Smash in general, and this game seems pretty fun so far. Would anyone wanna try playing it with me tomorrow once version 0.9b is released and online is enabled? I think my ping will likely be somewhere between 60 and 30, so I don’t expect amazing performance, but it should still be pretty fun.

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I love japanese bc it’s so regular and logical. eg,

kore = this, sore = that, dore = which
koko = here, soko = there, doko = where
koitsu = this person, soitsu = that person, doitsu = germany


Omg chill

is this tool assisted

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that’s gross don’t do that


i scrolled past this and then i went back up and played it and the sound was off for whatever reason but i listened to it and i’m really glad i did


Sakurai: idk lucina why should u be in smash



Sakurai: holy shit


I felt like drawing a deer, but one deer in particular.

and this particular deer loves this <3 <3 <3

» Thank you!

Thank you, everyone that reblogged my panic commissions post. Thankfully, work will be a lot more lax once I get started on it tomorrow, but it’s very reassuring to me to see that a lot of people care about what I do.

I have a healthy queue of at least 12 commissions to finish, which I will likely try to clear out at a pace of 2 or 3 a day until they’re cleared. I’ll be streaming these starting tomorrow at around 6 PM AKST (assuming I don’t have a quiz that day), and then hopefully around 9 AM or 12 PM AKST for all subsequent days.

I also have a job interview lined up for me on the 25th, so there’s that to look forward to. If I get the job (whatever it is, even I don’t really know—might be office assistant stuff), then maybe I can stop feeling like I’m stuck in the red zone every month.

I just want everyone who’s worried to know that I’ll be okay. Again, thank you, each and every one of you, for making my career viable.

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Really though, as much as I appreciate it, I still hate feeling like I’m relying on her. I hate feeling helpless. I have my pride, and I’m very stubborn about keeping it, and I think she knew that I wasn’t going to roll over for her and beg her for money, so she just did it herself.

It doesn’t matter to me either way, I’m making this work for me. She can disrespect me or my career as much as she wants in effort to help me, I’m not giving up on my career choice. This queue is getting cleared whether I like it or not, that’s just how work is.

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» Nevermind

It turns out that there’s no longer an immediate problem. My mom decided to just give me $500 even though I didn’t ask, so I guess crisis averted.

I hate letting her do this but I’m not in any position to complain

I’m still gonna work my ass off this week regardless, just because I want to prove to myself that I could still handle this if there was still an emergency.

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